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What is the difference between a Power Joint and a Boge Universal Joint?

Both products have the same function and the same dimensions and are very similar Universal Joint (UJ) types, but are produced by two different manufacturers.

Boge is a brand that make vehicle (shock absorber) parts that is operated by the ZF Group in Germany, a large automotive components producer, while the Power Joint is a replica product sold on an OEM (Original Export Manufacturer) basis out of Asia.

In this respect it’s important to differentiate – as both are often presented as ‘Boge’ joints – and to be aware that calling a Power Joint a Boge is like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover

If you are dead-set on the Boge, then you will see the moulded inscriptions, as pictured here, in store.

Boge inscription
Power Joint
Branding aside though, there is very little difference, although you may still hear different opinions around the windsurfing market place about which one is more durable from fans and critics of both the branded and generic options.

In all honesty, our opinion is that they are almost entirely equal in terms of sailing sensation, power transmission and longevity and identical in all respects – other than the slightly cheaper price of the Power Joint.

Since opinions are so often split, we offer both versions in the range of windsurfing mast-base products we sell so that customers are free to choose what suits their preference and/or budget.


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