00140 Mistral Vortex Race SUP 14'0'' 14'0x24"x9" 269 ltr 11.9 kg


The 14′ VORTEX XL is an “Extra Large” (XL) version of our regular Vortex, designed for paddlers over 85kgs, for those who expressed that they want the same shape to suit their heavier body mass. However many paddlers from 75kg and upwards have also had a lot of success and improved performances with the XL.

How and where to add volume to this larger Vortex model, was an interesting challenge and it was concluded that the side walls should be increased in height by a further 3cm compared to the regular Vortex. This does a number of things; notably, it keeps the deck-well area drier and increases the boards secondary buoyancy so as the ‘righting moment’ is more noticeable and more effective – the ‘moment’ at which the board meets resistance as it rolls, in this case as it rolls onto the flat side of the wall.

The sturgeon nose shape (dolphin nose) works beautifully in lessening the creation of a bow wave, throwing the wave backwards not forwards, therefore eliminating a bow wave over which to climb. Water forming over the bow is not a concern and takes getting used to, but you will notice how smoothly the water passes over, with minimal drag. We also noticed the Vortex XL shape, makes it very efficient when wake riding in competition.

14’0×24″x9″ 269 ltr 11.9 kg


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